My rep IS Dave Joyce, and I just sent him a lengthy email asking for his bravery, followed with a phone call. This is probably the 10th time I've brought up this subject with Mr. Joyce, but I think I added a bit more urgency this time! Hopefully, my fellow Northeast Ohioans will follow suit!

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Sure. Raise your voice. If you have little in the way of campaign contributions, you might get a form letter in response. If you have actually given campaign contributions, you might get a phone call. If you control millions in campaign contributions, you get exactly what you pay for. They don't campaign on stumps anymore. Under our system of mass communications today, they absolutely HAVE to have campaign contributions to buy the mass advertising or else they lose their jobs. They know this. Enough money against the MAGAs, and you have actually done something. Better yet ...make campaign contributions illegal (not a free speech issue. this is paid speech, not free.). Then we return to "by the people, for the people." Then we defeat Trump. Then the great pendulum starts swinging the other way.

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While we have our own growing MAGA wave in Canada (so we're not above criticism), I am just gobsmacked at the political madness i'm witnessing in Washington. McCarthy throws Ukraine under the bus to save his job. At first I thought the only 2 people dancing were Putin and Gaetz. But now Gaetz wants to turf McCoward because he - wait for it - worked with Democrats! Bi-partisanship! God forbid.

And I just don't buy the argument from Senate and White House that the shut-down had to be avoided at all costs - so Ukraine support is "temporarily" suspended. Yeah, like in 45 days we won't be watching the same shit-show.

I'm 77 years old and have been involved in politics since my teens, and I'm starting to feel that Democracy is failing - certainly failing for the public. The only thing I see is politicians fighting for their own careers. Period. Gaetz is hitting every TV interview - he's even headline news on Canadian & British news (CBC, BBC). All I see is: look at me, look at me. And he says he's doing this for American taxpayers. For future generations. To rescue everyone from the "tax-and-spend" Democrats. Like we haven't heard all that BS a million times before.

Lately I've heard the term "performance politics", and Gaetz is definitely today's headliner in that department.

So the goal of this substack newsletter has been the removal of Kevin McCarthy, and that goal just might be achieved. And if so, then hopefully the Gaetz and Marjorie Greens will lose some of their influence. And maybe some semblance of sanity might return. But I'm not gonna hold my breath.

And thanks for your determined effort, Jerry. If McCarthy goes down, I'll drink a toast to you. Maybe take a breath. But I've got a feeling the political shit-show ain't over by a long shot.

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