What if McCarthy's replacement was even worse (eg., MTG herself)? Not likely, I'll grant you, but certainly not impossible given the current state of the Republican Party.

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Adam Schiff has just been removed from the House Intelligence Committee in retribution for his leading the impeachment of TFG. The freedom caucus, under McCarthy's "Speakership" is still driving the bus. This will not stop until McCarthy is removed. Keep calling and writing to

Don Bacon(R-NE) and contact David Joyce (R-OH) to voice support for this effort.

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Good morning Jerry...Turns out I have both congressmen in my contacts already. I will make both calls first thing Monday morning.

To all other readers, I urge you to simply add both names and their D.C. office phone numbers to your contacts. You can even add what you want to say in contacts “Notes” so you know what you want to say. Even if you have “call reluctance,” you can just read it. The staffers on the other end of the line are really nice people. They’ll appreciate your call. And, more importantly, you’ll feel really good about yourself. And, MOST importantly, you will have done something really helpful for the security of our country. Both calls will take no more than a total five minutes.

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Shall we call again even we have already done so?

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Good morning, Jerry...I’ve just read your last comment to Barb. I’ll put this in my weekly schedule.

I just finished making a call to Leader Jeffries’ office. I mentioned, in part, the genesis of this effort to get rid of Kevin McCarthy. Yesterday, I made calls to Representatives Bacon, Joyce and Fitzpatrick. By the way, the correct D.C. phone number for Brian Fitzpatrick is (202) 225-4276, not 7751.

Thanks for promoting this vital effort.

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