Is there really no mechanism in the existing House rules whereby a majority of the members can call the House into session to enact business? Almost every organization I've ever heard of has such, mostly for use in extraordinary situations that leave the chair open.

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This morning a member of our network asked if I could provide a script to use when making calls to House members. It's a very goos idea, so I'm posting my answer here as well:

At this point, everyone already knows about the issue and the possible solutions. So you can keep it simple, very little explanation is necessary. My experience has been that the aide you'll be talking to is quite good at making you feel comfortable. They tend to be friendly and conversational. Keep in mind, it's just another ordinary citizen on the other end of the line. And since we're only calling Republicans, that makes it even easier.

"I'm calling to ask that Mr./Ms. xxxx reach across the aisle and work with Democrats to form a bipartisan coalition, and elect a moderate Republican Speaker of the House."

Personally, I like to suggest someone specific, so usually add "...someone like Don Bacon of Nebraska who has the skill and experience to do the job." But that's not really necessary.

Or, if you'd like to stay more general, you might say something like, "Our leaders should be working together to solve problems, not just fighting with each other." or "I'm afraid MAGA extremists are destroying the Republican Party."

But as I say, just one simple sentence gets the message across. And by being courteous, we nourish an atmosphere of cooperation, countering the deluge of toxic anger being directed at House members by Jordan supporters.


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Thanks, Jerry.

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One thing more:

Some offices will ask if you are a resident of the member's district. I alway answer truthfully that I am not, but the issue I'm calling about affects every resident of every district. It doesn't hurt to also throw in a compliment here, saying something like "I know that Rep. __ is very influential so I want to share my opinion with them.

Some offices have an automated system that asks the caller to click on one number for district residents and another for those who are not. I click on resident just to get through to a person. Again if asked, I answer as above.

Don't be shy. I've never had an aide refuse to talk with me just because I'm not a district resident.

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