Jerry, While I’m somewhat bothered that you deleted me, I write again to express my utmost gratitude for your compiling the most impressive listing of persuadable, one might say vulnerable, House Republicans I’ve seen anywhere (and I’ve seen quite a few). I plan, after the votes on the remaining measures to avoid a government shutdown, to republish, if warranted, this list (crediting you for compiling it) for various purposes relative to the 24 election.

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Good news! I've located the missing comment. It was on last week's post:


Here's the original comment in full:

Jerry, Based on the broad range of your insightful subscriber-Substack posts I regularly encounter, conflated with House Republicans from whom we might expect an audience repeatedly failing to rebuke, with action, the extremist base, are you certain, just over a year out from the November 2024 election, that you want “Feathers of Hope” to focus exclusively on removing McCarthy as Speaker?


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