I think if you were to press my Rep., Dave Joyce of Ohio, he would PRIVATELY! agree with this concept. But the problem is, he, and most if not all of the other members, doesn't have the BALLS to say anything PUBLICLY!

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Good afternoon, Jerry. I just finished making my four phone calls. When you call Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s office (R-PA-1st CD), you get a recorded menu: “If you’re a constituent, press 1; if you’re not a constituent, press 2” and so on. Both last week and today, I pressed 2. When you do this, no one pick up the phone. In fact, today, eventually I was disconnected. Both times, I called back and pressed 1. The call is immediately picked up. I explained what I did and why; the lady understood.

She listened to what I had to say, and then asked me a question: Is there anyone in your group who IS a constituent in Congressman Fitzpatrick’s district (PA-01)? If so, that person should call, because that way the call/message will be flagged as coming from a constituent, and get immediate attention. I doubt that lying about that would work, because they’ll want your address.

So, is there anyone out there in the Feathers Of Hope family who lives in Bucks County or in a sliver of Montgomery County? Or do you have a sympathetic relative or friend you get on board?

Jerry, as a general concept, it would probably be effective to “recruit” members of the Feathers Of Hope followers from the the following Congressional districts: Hakeem Jeffries (NY-08); Don Bacon (NE-02); David Joyce (OH-14). Calls from those people will carry more weight and help them grow a stiffer backbone.

Btw, the lady I spoke with at Congressman David Joyce’s office, when I asked if she had taken other similar calls, said yes, she had taken one other call on the same topic. Come on , folks...let’s do this!

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